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Photo uploader now available!

Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by webmaster
The site has recently been upgraded to accept unlimited photos!

Let's not go too crazy on photos though and please do not submit only photos of your player all the time. A good rule of thumb...for every one photo of your player, submit three more of three other players with it. We do not want to get too top heavy of a few players. Ideally, we'll get at least a few of every player in the program up there. Don't complain if your player is not up here...you have the opportunity to submit a few of your player like everyone else.

As for numbers, if we get a half a dozen to a dozen shots from each game that is plenty. More than that, you probably should get a Shutterfly account or something. It gets time consuming posting too many anyway.

Please--put in the players names in any photos you submit. That way the photo gets associated with that player(s) bio page photos. We REALLY do not want to have to figure out the players in the photos.

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